Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fitting it all in

I think when Daylight Savings Time started this year we lost an hour. No, not just that one hour we lost on the Sunday that time changed. I think we've lost an hour each and every day since. Only 23 hours every day. Otherwise there's just no reason why I'm not managing to get things done. I'm certainly not sleeping more, I'm certainly not running more (or any). I'm not knitting more, or paying bills more or arranging my taxes more. So why is it that I feel each day that I'm a little farther behind?

I am swimming, although it's working out to only once or twice a week. Last night I met Claudia at the pool. I had a good workout and my legs felt like pudding when we finished. Sore pudding, because of a small workout I had done on Sunday. We're going to start increasing our workouts again, try to toughen up before training starts in May. I think neither of us wants to wuss out in the pool when we're in real training.

The thought of the triathlon alternately terrifies and bores me. On the one hand it's "yawn, I can do any of those events in my sleep" but on the other hand it's "oh crap, it's a triathlon!!" Swimming is getting easier and faster and feeling more natural. Our first bike ride in a couple of weeks will probably be about 25 miles. The first ride. If my knee wasn't messed up then 6 miles would be a training run. An oh-well-we-have-nothing-better-to-do run. I really think the training is going to be much harder than the actual event. I can't wait to look back in six months and laugh at my current nightly fears. I will laugh, won't I?

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