Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Short sleep, long exercise

Last night's swim may have suffered a bit from my lack of sleep. Claudia, Phil and I hit the pool last night (Phil literally hit the pool). Not a single one of us was peppy or enthusiastic but we swam back and forth for almost an hour and completed our entire workout. I'd like to say I felt great afterward but that would be a big fat lie. I went home and spent another hour doing legsercises and finally sat down with my dinner and an ice pack after 9pm. Yawn.

I got up early this morning and hit the treadmill again, with the exact same results I've been getting. Doing a 2 minute walk, 8 minute run, at 28 minutes into the workout I got the stabbing knee pain. Cripes. It was that fleeting pain again and I was able to finish the last 4 minutes of the treadmilling and also do almost a full set of legsercises before it was time to get ready for work.

Tonight was going to be another swim night but Claudia's not feeling well, Phil can't make it and Sandy is saying she'll meet me tomorrow night to swim instead. I'm going to go home and immediately go to bed do the squats tape and my second set of legsercises. Tomorrow morning I'll get up early and drag my exhausted butt to physical therapy where I'll tell my therapist that his twice a day thing isn't working. Isn't working for my knee, my sleep or my temper.

I got my allergy shots this morning and it was a great chance to knit. I took along my mistake rib scarf (the Lorna's Laces one) and was able to knit away while I had to wait to see if I'd go into anaphylactic shock. I've been getting injections since I was a teenager and I've never had a reaction, but they make me wait regardless. It was a nice break where I was forced to just sit there for a full half hour, but now I'll have to work late to make up for it. Yawn. I love the yarn and hope I'll be able to tolerate it on my skin. It's one of three (two? four?) that I'm testing for my future Wonderful Wallaby project.

Hey! Remember when my nephew (ok, my step-nephew if you're being technical) was doing the Man of the Year Campaign last year? He's engaged now. He proposed a lovely and unique way. Check out his story! Congratulations Noah and Garen!

By the way, I miss running ...

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  1. Running misses you too (ditto for your fellow running partners) :D