Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oh where oh where did my weekend go?

I just noticed that it's Sunday night already. How did that happen? Geez, I can see if I get up early and go run umpteen miles or stay out late but man, I didn't even accomplish half of what I intended to finish. Let alone start. It's almost time to go to bed and start the work week all over again.

I "ran" twice, if you can call doing 3 repeats of a 4 minute walk/6 minute run on a treadmill "running." To me it's a warmup for the rest of the strengthening stretching exercises I'm doing. It means that over two days I ran a total of 36 minutes. Woofreakinghoo. It's almost not worth getting my clothes all sweaty, but I'll continue doing it until my knee cooperates and stops hurting. Which it'll do soon, right? I missed two races this weekend, a short one across the Golden Gate Bridge and a shorter one out in my 'hood. With longer days and brighter early evenings it's getting harder and harder to be on the injured reserve.
My bike is done! David fixed it up, tuned it up, cleaned it up, made it look less like a bike from last century and more like a clean, beautiful classic. It looks fabulous and I can't wait to go for a real ride. New tires, new tubes, new tape, new thingamawhatchy (oh please, like you know what all the parts are called), new brake pads. Oiled, lubed, adjusted and all those things you do to make it run better. Er, I mean that a friend does to make it run better.I wish the detailing showed up better in the pictures - the paint and decals are still in fantastic condition. Can you even tell that the model is a Triathlon? Or that the paint is a lavender fade? Somehow it just seems right that my purple Triathlon bike will take me through my first Team in Training triathlon season.

David didn't have cleats for the pedals he was going to use so he put my old ones back on. They work fine, I was just hoping for a new, lighter, less stiff pedal. I brought the bike home, screwed a pair of cleats onto the new shoes I bought and went out for a short spin around the block. The wind was wicked so I didn't go far, but the bike feels great. I foresee several tumbles in the future but the bike is strong. I'm sure it'll take a while to get readjusted and remember how to shift and how to brake but I'm ready for it!

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