Saturday, June 14, 2008

We knew it was gross

This morning before our training started Claudia and I were telling each other that we were covered in what seemed to be flea or mosquito bites - all over our bodies. She had been thinking that maybe her doggies had picked up something, I had been thinking that I had slept the night before without a sheet and the mosquitoes must have gone to town. Hers had started on Friday but I didn't notice mine until this morning.

Slowly the light dawned. Ohhhh. We walked over and asked Phil if he had any bites and that confirmed it. We all picked up something in the water at Shadow Cliffs. Ew, yuck yuck ew. We're covered with bites from something -- something unknown.

And we have to swim there next week at the Tri for Fun. Imagine how excited we are about that!

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