Friday, June 6, 2008

Swimming, shaking, then some rest

I was sleeping peacefully in bed last night, minding my own business, when a loud noise woke me up at about 1am-ish. I thought it might have been my neighbor slamming his gate (which is right outside my bedroom wall). Or maybe another neighbor starting his very loud truck. I tried to go back to sleep and lightly dozed off. Then at about 1:50 am another very loud noise startled me. I thought it might have been an earthquake, or a truck hitting my house, or that gate being slammed again. Or maybe someone breaking into my garage. My heart rate had finally returned to normal when just after 2am my bed starting shaking and I could hear my washer and drier slamming against each other.

It was actually nice getting confirmation that it was "only" an earthquake! According to the USGS there were 3 little quakes; 3.0, 3.5, 1.7, centered in Alamo less than 10 miles from my house. The first one was at 1:51 am so I still don't know what woke me earlier. Nevertheless, it was a challenge getting back to sleep.

I've decided that swimming is oh-so-very-nice in a clean, toasty warm pool. Such a difference from open water like Shadow Cliffs. But I'm still not certain that I'm getting as good of a workout in that nice shallow pool.

Tuesday and Thursday are swim nights and Claudia, Phil and I are determined to swim every scheduled lap and do all the drills. We all met at the San Ramon pool on Tuesday, swam all the drills and laps and lengths. I was tired afterward, but doing ok. Last night Phil and I met again at the San Ramon pool and the cumulative workouts for the past week caught up with us.

The pool was full of students. What's up with that? It's supposed to be adult lap swim time and there's nowhere to swim. We finally scooted into the very last lane when some young students vacated. It's a hard lane to share because the stairway narrows the lane at one end but we were managing. We even told another woman who showed up that she could join us, but it would be tight. She disappeared somewhere else.

Then a woman stops Phil and tells him she's giving a private lesson and we need to move to another lane. We told her there wasn't another lane. She repeated and insisted that she needed the lane to teach. I told her in a very polite manner to stuff it and try the other pool. No really, I was polite, and it wasn't easy. We swam off and she must have found somewhere else to go.

Both Phil and I were tired, but we were determined to do all the drills and complete the timed swim. I was having cap dysfunction. This happened Saturday too and I'm not sure why; same cap I've been wearing since I started. But it kept slipppping off my head, taking my goggles with it. Believe it or not, the first couple of times I managed to pull it back on my head without a pause in my swim. But the fourth time it happened I stopped and tried to rearrange it, putting my goggles on under the cap, thinking that maybe they were the problem. I was wrong.

Luckily it was time to cool down. My cap stayed on while I did my cool-down laps in sidestroke. Restful, peaceful and soon I was done. 1300 meters and well finished!

Except for my shoulders and upper arms I'm not sore from track, I'm just very tired. Very very tired. Extremely tired. Friday is my day off (exercise day off, not work day off). Yay! A chance to rest and recharge for the busy workout weekend!

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