Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This is June?

I awoke in the early hours of the morning today, freezing. I had gone to bed with socks on and when I do that in the middle of winter I alway toss them away after an hour or so because my feet get so hot. They were still on my feet and good grief, by this time of year I should be sleeping with just a sheet instead of 3 blankets. The past several weeks I've been waking up very early and not falling back to sleep. This just isn't going to work well with training almost every day. Wah!

Last night Pam and I ran our usual short short route. I wasn't sure how it would go, my legs are feeling tired and a bit sore from the weekend. But I was fine, if a little slower than normal. Monday is supposed to be my day off but I really like running with Pam so I'm going to try to jiggle the schedule somehow. I'm pretty sure I'll take the optional Friday day off since I like being fresh for my big workout on Saturday. But that means training Saturday through Thursday without a break. Oh yawn!

Speaking of track, tomorrow is going to be the very first time, after 8 or so seasons on the marathon team, that I'll be going to the track in Berkeley. Looking back, I made it to Clark Kerr a grand total of never. I wasn't able to get there first thing on Thursday mornings since it would have meant going San Ramon, Berkeley, San Ramon, Walnut Creek. I'd never have made it to work on time. The run team had an evening training on this side of the hills and when I'd attend any track, that's where I'd go. But the tri team only has the 1 workout and it's in the evening and I don't really have a good excuse since I'll be off work. Except that I always used to get hurt at track and I'm starting with an injury and it might be easier to just not go rather than have to explain why I'm not doing lunges or speed work or whatever.

That and $4.50 gas and a 40 mile round trip may have me training closer to home!

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