Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Is it just me, or is it hot in here?

A week ago, just a mere week, I was complaining that I was up all night because I was so cold. Be careful what you wish for and all that, because last night I was up all night because I was so hot. Sheesh, I even turned on my a/c for a bit to specifically combat the sleepy-time heat but it wasn't enough. That and the fact that I'm just not sleeping well at all and chalk up another sleepless night. I'm very curious about one thing. At one of our tri clinics we were told we should increase our sleep to help repair the little injuries we're causing by the intense training. Is there actually anyone anywhere that's able to just say okey dokey and begin sleeping more on command? Are there people who can just fall asleep and wake up whenever they want? Without drugs? If so color me green for envy of that ability. Just because I've had insomnia my entire life doesn't mean that it's any easier to deal with in my old age. Er, middle age. Sleepiness makes me feel older.

I had a sort-of nice run last night with Pam and Olivia. None of us was brave enough to call the others and cancel so we all showed up, despite starting time temps over 90 degrees. We agreed to take it slowly, both because of the heat and for my benefit. Despite our piddly pace I was still having trouble breathing and it felt like my inner organs were baking so with about a mile to go I sent them off ahead of me. From there I walked in the sunny parts, ran in the shade, and finished feeling like I had had an intense workout instead of the easy run I'd signed up for. I love to run with them and don't think I'll be giving it up any time soon, but I'm not sure it's working well with my tri training. Oh well, I'll just make it work!

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