Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A short run, then the frog pond

I did run last night. Nothing special, but more than I've been doing. Only about 6 people showed up for the buddy run, including Fabulous Mentor Marcie. We were scheduled for 30-45 minutes and all the mentees voted to run 30. Sheesh. It could have been because about 12 drops of rain fell and they didn't want to run and get wet. They'll learn!

After the stretch everybody except for one mentee took off like a shot. I was left with one gentleman who told me he was "straight off the couch." He joined TnT because he camps every summer and altitude was starting to bother him; he wants to build up his tolerance and endurance. He's training for a half marathon. He was able to run for almost 3 minutes and was breathing pretty heavily. I decided a 2:2 run:walk would work and it almost did. Probably a 1.45:2 would have been better, but we made it the 30 minutes and just over 2 miles. Needless to say, I didn't have a problem keeping up and the polluted air didn't have much effect.

I felt well enough to get back to some knitting afterward. Among my WIPs is a pair of leg warmers, knit with sock yarn, and the pattern from Not Just Socks. Or maybe it's Not Just More Socks. I had the ribbed cuff and about 4 inches of the leg done when I decided it looked really big. I had thought it looked big earlier but, since I hadn't done anything like it before, let it go for a while. I stuck my foot through it (dislodging several stitches from the dpns at the same time) and realized that it was, in fact, huge. So I ripped the whole thing out and stuck the yarn back in the stash. I'm not broken hearted about it; it was more of a fun knitting excursion than a finished product that I wanted to wear. I mean, c'mon. Legwarmers?? Not like I could have left the house wearing them!

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