Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dude! Where's My Suitcase?

I'm back from Birmingham. This is a short recap, with details and lots of pictures to follow:

Friday: got up early, flights went fine, car rental went smoothly, found hotel, checked in, walked to expo (damn it's cold here!) and picked up stuff, ate dinner at Ruby Tuesday's.

Saturday: slept in, went to nice little coffee shop, went to equally nice little yarn shop, saw Dreamgirls, ate dinner in the hotel, went to bed early. It's still cold here!

Sunday: got up early, walked to the start (it's 27 degrees out! wind chill even colder!!), ran the Mercedes Half Marathon(and had fun doing it), took the after-race food back to our room, sat around knitting and snoozing, ate dinner at PF Chang's, watched the toob, went to sleep.

Monday: got up at 4:00 am, flew to Dallas/Ft. Worth, our plane was canceled and we ended up flying to SFO instead of Oakland, suitcases lost somewhere in American Airlines hell, got a transfer to my car at OAK, dropped off Petra, drove through rainy rush hour traffic, got home, went through mail and papers, watched some more tv and knitted, then crashed.

Tuesday: some time in the very early morning my suitcase was left outside my front door. Threw my stinky still-damp running clothes in the washer. Stopped at S'bucks, now time for work.

I said, now time for work!!

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