Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day (for once)

Like most single people, I'm pretty grumpy when it comes to Valentine's Day. Even when I was not single, it wasn't my favorite holiday. When I was married to Shithead, I did get gifts. But his gift giving was all about him, his view of himself, his desire to look beneficent and expensive. The gifts were never about what I would like. Example: he had this thing about buying long-stemmed red roses, the more showy the better. And having them delivered to my office so everyone could see it. Now, I have nothing against long-stemmed red roses, but even back in the day they cost an arm and a leg. I'd have been perfectly happy with little yellow tea roses at a fraction of the cost. Or some chocolate (oooh, no, he certainly wouldn't let me eat chocolate, it's too fattening!). Or a teddy bear (but he never really understood that obsession). Post Shithead I dated a sweet, wonderful guy, but he was pretty cheap. I think I may have gotten flowers from him once, but VDay was a waste of time and a commercial hoax in his eyes.

Which brings me to this morning. The radio was blabbering on about love and such and I was getting a bit grumpier than I normally am in the morning. I decided to stop for a latte, to treat myself since nobody else was going to. I was in line behind a fellow carrying a bouquet of roses and a big ol' teddy bear. Hi teddy bear! When he got to the counter he turned around and said "I'm getting your coffee for you this morning. I get a free one today and it's yours." I was flabbergasted! And truly speechless. It's the nicest thing anyone has done for me on VDay in -- oh crap, I can't even remember how long. Thank you, Mr. Flowers-and-Bear, for making my day!


  1. That's so sweet :D Sounds like a nice start to Valentine's Day :D


  2. Wow. I hope that was a Homewood person in O'Henry's! I was wondering as a stay-at-home-person-worker that doesn't listen to A.M. radio, if there was any way my husband of TWENTY YEARS could have made it through the day in this society & NOT KNOWN it was V-Day. What doe you think?

    I think NEXT year, I will be the woman out at a coffee shop treating someone to a cup. What a great idea!

  3. It was at my local *bucks in Calif. I've since learned that this week is "Random Acts of Kindness" week, so maybe he was practicing that. Ok everyone, start being random!