Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ya can't name him that!

You may have noticed that I name most of my teddy bears. When you have as many as I do you start giving them very original names like "Brown Bear" or "Bear with Hat." Well, I'm sure as heck not gonna be taking any of my bears to Sudan, just in case the Sudanese authorities don't approve of the bear's name. A teacher was just sentenced to 15 days in prison for naming the class bear after a religious figure. Apparently she insulted their religion and incited hatred. Frankly, if the religion is that unstable that naming a stuffy after their leader is a cause for alarm then I think they have more problems than just the little teddy. I haven't named a bear Jesus or Moses or God or Krishna or Zeus but that doesn't mean that I won't in the future when I'm really digging for a suitable name. Remind me not to run the Sudanese Marathon and get a bear!

Brown Bear

I skipped my workout last night so I could go get a pedicure with Claudia. It was a good chance to catch up with her and as a benefit my nails are nice and short and my feet smooth. My nails have finally grown in enough to be polished although they didn't need any trimming. Nice to finally have 10 toenails again. Too bad my fingernails are all broken, but it saved me from having to get a manicure too.

I won't be running tonight (darn?) because we're having an office dinner event. Yeah, I'd rather eat than run, what of it? I got up early and did my lower body workout tape instead. Words of wisdom from Amy: after a good leg workout, wearing heels is not a great idea. Especially when you usually wear flats. I was pretty wobbly on my feet when I got to work. Good thing my job mostly involves sitting down!

I started a new knitting project last night. No, I didn't pick up one of my old projects that are waiting for me to finish them. No, it's not a gift for someone. It's a scarf for me - more info on it later!

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