Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Can I get a discount on pedicures?

After running in the rain for six hours I realized I really need another pair of orthotics, especially since it took a couple of days for them to fully dry. I made an appointment with my podiatrist and good timing, I decided to tell him about my heel pain and ask if there was anything I could do about my blistered Morton's toes which were still pretty painful. Well, don't ask if you don't think you'll like the answer. My heel issue is achilles insertion tendonitis. Fine, I'll wear a low heel on my shoes, ice, and stretch. Of course I'm not going to rest, as if! The doc recommended that he trim back my warped, bruised, inflamed, blistered, sore toenail. I figured fine, let him cut it short, maybe it'll relieve the pain. So he cut it -- off! Owie owie owie yuck ewww! I'm not even going to show pictures, although I could, because if you're anything like me just the thought of removing a toenail produced extreme shudders and shakes. So to match things up he removed the one on my second foot too. Ewww yucky ow ow! Anyhoo, they actually feel just a little better now and by the time I have to run 26.2 miles again (less than 3 weeks!) they should feel all better. I hope. But they're pretty ugly now, description deleted so you don't lose your breakfast or lunch.

The doc recommended that I just have the nails removed permanently. ::Shudder:: I ... I .... I just can't even think of that now. Ewwwww!

The nailectomies didn't keep me from running last night though. Pam and I ran our usual short short route, about 3.3 miles. Things hurt when we started but felt pretty good by the time we finished. I think we hit every single red light on the route, so we had breaks, but the rest went very well. I iced my heel after I got home.

I had a salty accident on Sunday. I was walking from my kitchen with my hands full of my dinner and water so I tucked the salt shaker under my arm. I sat on the sofa, put down the plate and the glass, and all of a sudden everything was covered with salt. Like a half cup of it. The shaker had broken in two, leaving a little Hansel and Gretel trail from the kitchen. Salt everywhere. Holy crap! Did you know that salt is almost impossible to clean off your kitchen floor? I used the vacuum attachments to clean up the sofa and foot stool and surrounding carpet, then vacuumed everything else. And again. Repeat once more. I put the vacuum away, walked across the kitchen floor and realized there was still salt there. I wiped it up with a wet towel. Still more salt. I took out the vacuum and ran it over the kitchen floor again. Aaaand, again. Still more salt. I wiped it up with a wet sponge. Finally it seemed to be all gone. Until last night when there was more salt there. I think I'll be cleaning up salt for the next month. I have to buy a new salt shaker now.

I did more knitting on my Cider Moon chevron scarf last night. I keep saying it's almost finished and it is, but it isn't. I only managed about 4 repeats last night and at this rate it'll take me at least a week or two, unless I have more time to spend on it. I have so many projects backed up in my brain that I want to do, and don't know when I'll get to them. Hats and mitts and scarves and shawls .... must ... knit ... more!

The Gratuitous Bear of the Day is my newest bear. I saw him at the Erie Airport and couldn't resist. It's hard to read in the picture, but his tummy says "Presque Isle, Erie" with a little sailboat. Very cute. Since he was so small I decided that indeed, I did need him to be my newest marathon teddy! He has such a cute smile on his face, unusual with bears. I named him after the city, Erie.

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  1. i read your blog about 10 minutes ago, why am I still thinking of the toe nails being pulled....OUCHIE!!!!!!