Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cute kids, but are they gone yet?

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Back in the day (why yes, I am 87 years old) Hanukkah celebrations weren't much, birthdays resulted in tears from exhaustion, we were too young for New Years Eve, too Jewish for Christmas or Easter, too stuffed at Thanksgiving, too bored at Passover. So a holiday dedicated to children and the pursuit of candy candy candy was wonderful.

This has carried over to adulthood. I look forward to the adorable little kiddies coming by trick-or-treating. Not so much with the older kids, the 13-15 year olds. There are lots of children in my neighborhood, many of whom I'm certain think of me as the mean old lady on the corner because I don't let them play on my lawn. But at Halloween all is forgiven as I give them gobs of candy and exclaim over their wonderful costumes. Or give them candy anyway as I tell them that if they shave and drive they're too old be to out there.

Last night I fitted in pre-packing and bill paying and laundry as I passed out treats from about 6:15 to almost 9:00. Lots of cuties and the oldest pack of brats teens has apparently aged out. I finally turned out my light at 9pm and put my frozen dinner in the oven to cook. No, not packed yet but my race stuff is set out so I just have to figure out what I'm wearing the rest of the weekend.

My little bear made it here from the Vermont Teddy Bear Company in good shape, despite the horrible condition of the shipping box and the lax treatment by the men in brown. The box was dumped unceremoniously on my desk, upside down and squished. I opened it immediately, even though it was upside down. And was presented with a bare bear butt. Oops, pretty bear doesn't have panties under her dress.

I turned her right-side up, smoothed down her dress, straightened the bow, brushed off all the loose white fur. Hey VTB people: why don't you brush your bears before shipping? She was very sheddy! But all in one piece, her cute little face not harmed or shmooshed in by the shipping. Whew! I took her home and placed her on the shelf next to my almost-50-year-old baby doll, also dressed in a pretty red velvet party dress. Yes, they look wonderful together.

As a finishing touch I put Frosty next to them. BFFs together! I think I need to knit a red scarf for Frosty so he'll match. Don't you want to just pick them all up and give them hugs? Yes, I'm obsessive! Haven't you noticed?

I finally decided on a name for the new bear, thanks to my sister. The pretty new bear in red, Suzy Sweetheart Bear!

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  1. Amy,
    I'm a Customer Service representative here at The Vermont Teddy Bear Company and recently came across your posting. Although I'm glad to hear Suzy Sweetheart Bear arrived in one piece, I'm very sorry to see her box was damaged and that she was shedding so much...perhaps due to the stress caused by the rough journey across the country? Seriously, please be assured your comments will be shared with our management team. No Bear should arrive at its new home in this condition.
    Would you like a new box for Suzy? Many people like to have it as a keepsake, although I can see she has already settled in with Frosty and friends. If you would a a replacement box, please feel free to contact me directly at mrobarts a-t vtbear d-o-t com.
    Fuzzy Regards,
    Meg Robarts and the Bear Crew
    The Vermont Teddy Bear Company