Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Looking for a good race

With only one race planned in the near future I'm finding myself restless and antsy and ready to sign up for something else. The only problem is the dearth of races in the winter - gee, I wonder why. As I'm the first to whine about running in the cold (or the wet, or the extremely hot) I fully understand why only southern states have winter marathons. Unfortunately we've run in all the states with January races and even though I keep saying I'm not doing the 50-states thing, it seems silly to go back to states when there are so many I've never been to.

I spent some time last night looking at races listed on marathonguide and one by one narrowed the list down to two: PF Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Arizona and ING Miami. I've already run the RnR, the inaugural year, and it was ok. Miami has mostly positive reviews. Both would cost serious bucks (well, not compared to New York, but still). I just can't decide, but I'd really like a January marathon. I haven't even begun to look at February yet, but for March it seems like Napa will finally have a six hour time limit so I may do that before they change their minds. Or maybe Little Rock.

Last night I finished the Temescal Bag; I wove, tied and/or cut all the ends, stuffed it in a bag and put it in the washer. I hadn't felted any WotA so I didn't know how fast or tight it would go. I love how it turned out. The felting made the edges of the colors blend into each other and they look great together. I even like how the straps look. It's hanging to dry now and will probably take a couple of days but it should be ready to gift on Friday. I'll post pictures after gifting it!

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