Thursday, November 15, 2007

Still trying

I didn't run last night. I didn't cross train. I thought about it though. Somehow I've got to convert my thoughts into action and start moving my body. I plan and then don't execute. It's probably because it's dark when I get home and I just feel like napping. And with all the construction at work my lungs and sinuses are stuffed and breathing isn't great. Tonight darn it! Tonight I'll do something active!

Although still sore my hand is well enough to start knitting again. I started another Temescal Bag, casting on and knitting most of the bottom. I was pretty happy to knit again, even though my hand wasn't always cooperative. I'm making this bag for a woman I work with; her birthday is the beginning of December and I'm hoping to get it knit, felted and dried on time.

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