Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snow? Isn't this California?

It snowed last night. What's up with that?? The roads were icy and Mt. Diablo was wearing a beautiful white hat. I got a warning call that the entrance to our office complex was slippery so I drove in like a little old lady in my 3 week old car. I still skid. I'm so not looking forward to doing a long run in this weather!

Speaking of running, I haven't done any since last week. Having a bad cold, frigid weather and travel is not totally conducive to exercise, especially when you throw on a hefty topping of lazy. Ok, I know that most of my travel involves running, but this was visiting my sis at her new digs in Nashville. I took running gear but was able to unpack it in the exact same condition that it was packed. Saved on washing time. I will be running tomorrow night. Guaranteed!

I finished knitting my soon to be felted gray hat last night. The one that I mis-read the instructions and so had to rip out and re-do the entire decrease section. Yes, it was 7 inches but measured from the wrong spot. Never knit when you're on cold medicine. At least don't cut the yarn! I thought it looked a little small for felting. I started a new hat (see the bit about cold, above) out of Malabrigo Azul Profundo. If this cold snap doesn't break soon I'll have hats and hand warmers in every color that Malabrigo makes. And yes, I'm sitting at my office desk wearing the Fetching Fingerless Gloves (they work wonderfully except when you drop your coffee - oops).

Tonight is Stitch 'n' Bitch at my house. Looking forward to it!

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