Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Air improving, speed not so much

Last night Pam and I ran our normal Monday night route, the short short short version. It's about 3.2 miles on the streets and the trail. The weather was pretty good; warmer than it's been (about 50), very little wind and air that had only "moderate" pollution. Pretty sad when only moderate pollution is a good sign. I felt good, which surprised me after Sunday's long run. My legs were only a little stiff at the start, otherwise they felt normal. Wow, what a difference from last week.

There's a section of the trail that runs under 680 where there's construction work making the freeway wider. That part of the trail has been closed off for several months, with a detour out to the street. They just opened it up again and removed the little detour. It's even darker and creepier than it was, now that it's longer. It's our new spot for speed work, just trying to get through there as quickly as possible.

I added a few inches to the hat I'm knitting for my sis. It's a standard Brangelina, my absolutely favorite knitting project. I'll knit those for any of my friends who want one, but for my sis it's special since she's a knitter herself. I'm using Malabrigo, my favorite yarn to knit with (but not wear, since it's wool and starts itching after a while). I should have it done by the weekend but hopefully the cold spell in Nashville will be over by then and she won't need it!

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