Thursday, January 18, 2007

SnB a great success

We all had a good time at our Stitch 'n' Bitch at my house last night. As usual, there was lots of wine, lots of great food, plenty of conversation and, to top it all off, we even knitted! I was left with two open bottles of wine; guess what I'll be drinking this weekend!

I added a meager inch to my new hat, but Petra managed to put the finishing touches on hers and walk out the door wearing it. Lots of scarfing going on and cables are everywhere. This weather is great for knitting; thinking about it, planning it, preparing it, playing with yarn, completing it, then wearing it!

I also had the opportunity to pick Claudia's brain about decorating this blog, so Thank You Claudia! There may be some changes in the first week or so as I decide what looks best to me.

Last night was another icy night. This morning the neighbors cars all looked like they were covered with snow, but it was only a very thick layer of frost. Again, this is California?? Tonight's run will be chilly indeed!

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