Monday, January 22, 2007

Losing My Mind

There 's a lot of evidence to prove that I'm apparently not thinking as straight as I should be.

Evidence numero uno: I ran 16 miles yesterday. Yeah, a few days after I got over a horrible cold I decided to go out and run in the polluted/pollinated/dry-cold-windy air for three and a half hours. Good move smarty! Sandy and Anita joined me, and made me feel much better afterward when they said they didn't feel wonderful either. We ran on the Alameda Creek Trail from the Beard staging area, and this is actually one of my favorite trails for a long run. We did the 10 miles out-and-back going east to the hills first, and it went pretty well. Then we did 6 out-and-back to the west and the bay, and ran into a lovely bazillion mph head wind. Thanks for the challenge!

Evidence numero two-o: I got the confirmation of my registration for the Shamrock Half Marathon and 8k races. Unfortunately, I wanted to register for the FULL marathon! And I thought I did! The combo races are called the Whale Challenge or Dolphin Challenge, for the full and the half respectively. Somehow I managed to send in my registration and check for the Dolphin. Doh! This was easily fixed; I've already gotten a reply from the race director telling me to just send in another application and a check for the difference in price and they'd take care of it. Whew! Note to self: whales are bigger than dolphins, thus the longer race would be the whale! Who cares if dolphins are cuter.

Evidence numero three-o: This is the best. I went to bed early last night and slept really well for most of the night. This morning I had a very intricate dream, most of the details of which I won't go into. Towards the end I absolutely positively had to make an emergency phone call on my cell phone. Y'know, those dream emergencies where your heart starts pounding even in your sleep. So I opened the phone and the buttons had all turned into little pieces of garlic bread. C'MON NOW! Whose cell phones have buttons anymore?? Every time I tried to push a button garlic butter would squeeze out. Yeah, I woke up. That'll teach me to -- actually, I'm not sure at all what that'll teach me!

I decided a dream like that warranted a yummy latte this morning. Thanks *bucks! So much for that "caffeine only once a week" thing ...

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