Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Better than rat piss

I'm sore from my Sunday run. What's up with that? I was going to cross train last night, since my normal Monday night running buddy Pam was out of town. I changed my mind and just stretched and did abs work (about time for that, my back needs it). My IT bands, quads, knees, ankles, shins, oh hell, everything below the waist is tight and sore. I thought since I ran 14 miles a couple of weeks ago I'd be fine. I'll blame it on the headwind. I certainly don't want to blame it on not running for 10 days!

After my run on Sunday I decided I needed to take a short nap. The key here was "short" since I'd be taking a nap no matter what. I went to set the timer on my microwave, like I always do, and noticed something dripping down the front of it. Wha??? The cutting board on top of the microwave had a puddle of something yellowish. The package of tortillas on top of the cutting board on top of the microwave had another yellow puddle. The bottom of the cabinet above the microwave had something yellow dripping. Now remember, I was wiped out from the run and very sleepy. My first thought was that this was rodent piss and I'd have a furry surprise when I opened the cabinet. Yeah, eww and double ick. My heart started double timing. I opened the cabinet and slowly took everything out of the first 2 shelves, which is a lot of stuff. I have a habit of buying canned goods when they're on sale. Then I get tired of whatever's in the can, push it to the back of the cabinet, pile stuff on top, and forget it's there. It turns out a can of mandarin oranges at the very back of the second shelf had expanded and burst. I was very happy I didn't have any ratty visitors, although the juicy syrup was a pain to clean off of everything.

While I was at it I decided to discard cans with expiration dates more than a couple of years past (several of those), cans with faded labels, cans that looked somewhat odd shaped or dented, etc. Why do I have so many cans of black olives? I mean, it's not like I'll be using them in martinis or anything. At least now the cabinet, microwave, cutting board and counter are nice and clean now.

I never did get my nap.

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