Thursday, September 20, 2007

Summer: now you see it, now you don't

It feels like we actually had about 3 weeks of summer this year. Cool and overcast to cool and overcast to cool and overcast to hot hot hot and now we're back at cool and overcast. Rain in September? I know we can use it but c'mon now, this is going to be a very long winter. I hope at least this will be productive gloom with measurable moisture to go with the dreariness.

Olivia and I finally got back to running again last night. We hadn't run together since -- uhm -- I can't remember the last time we actually laced up and ran. We didn't go too far, just 3-ish miles on the Iron Horse. I tried to keep up and she tried to slow down and it worked until about the last half mile when she lit the afterburners and left me in her dust. I still finished with a much faster average than I should have and felt that I'd had a good run. Olivia's going to join Pam and me for some of our weekly runs but she'll have to slow down for us. Hear that, Ms. O?

I did lots of work on mom's Noro Hat last night. I'm almost at the decreases. I just looove knitting hats, even when I don't spend much time on them there's such quick turnaround. I'll be happy when I finish it so I don't have little mo-hairs all over myself. I don't think the hat will shed, it's just working with the yarn that sends little broken strands everywhere. I have a couple of other hat patterns I want to make and this weather is very conducive to knitting.

The Gratuitous Bear of the Day is another bear that I bought while visiting my sister in PA. We were wandering around some store, I can't even remember what or where, when I spied this pretty little pink bear. I picked her up and she was plush, soft and squishy, just a treat to hold. She's a little bear with a sad face. I bought one for myself and one for sis because that's the way I do things. I found the tiny little red dog quite a while later and they just seemed to mesh well together. The name on the bear's tag was too good to resist, so this is Snookie Snickerdoodle and her little red dog.

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