Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Grumpy Wednesday (that feels like Tuesday)

The Monday holiday this week really screwed with my internal calendar. Yesterday at work I just could not convince myself it wasn't Monday. Last night I kept waiting for it to be time for my Monday night run. It wasn't until just before I went to bed that I realized I had to pack stuff for tonight's run because yes, it wasn't Monday. Then last night I got absolutely positively no sleep and voila! I'm not feeling the hump day love today.

I spent some time last night getting racing stuff set out for pre-packing. I can't actually pack it yet because then tomorrow night when I pack everything else I'd have to unpack to make sure I had packed it. Sigh. I don't think of it as being obsessive-compulsive, just over-cautious. I know I'm not going to the middle of nowhere but I hate having to shop for something I forgot.

The forecast isn't looking wonderful for the race. Currently there's a 40% chance of thunderstorms. I wonder what they do, pull everyone off the course? Let them get struck by lightning? Wait 'til it passes? Running in the rain isn't the most pleasant thing, mostly because your feet get so wet, but plain rain when it's hot and humid can have a cooling effect. I've only run once in a t-storm and although it was exhilarating, it was scary too. Fingers crossed, hmm?

Last night I picked up an old knitting project, my "easy" one-ball lace scarf. This is a project I started way long ago, taking a class for it at Article Pract (hey, they're offering it again, this month!). I learned a lot from it, like k2tog and yo and ssk, but I think it was a bit advanced for me, too much purling with teeny yarn and big ol' needles, and I put it aside. Or maybe it was just too much work following the pattern and I went on to easier things - hats, hats, scarves and hats. I had forgotten how much I like the yarn, a sparkly red lace-weight mohair. I was knitting it on long straight size 10-1/2 needles (I know!) so that tells me how long ago it was. Last night I pulled it out, knit it onto Options circular needles instead, and knit one section (it's an 8 row repeat). Much easier than I remember. Easy enough that I'm taking it on the trip with me, since it takes up hardly any room at all. A little more complicated than I like for a travel project but I'd love to finish it.

The Gratuitous Bear of the Day is yet another twofer. I found the big bear on sale at a women's clothing store, not the usual item that they carried. He was such a pretty, brilliant red that I couldn't resist. In fact I ended up buying another one for my mom but she decided he was pink. The little bear I found at an airport store while I was wandering around waiting for a flight. He was a mini version of the big bear so I couldn't resist. Red Bear and Little Red sit together now. I think I need a Tiny Red to complete the set!

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