Friday, September 14, 2007

Finally Friday Yay!

As much as I love to travel and run marathons and beat my body to the ground, it takes a lot out of me. Duh, right? Lack of sleep, strange food, extreme efforts, cramped planes. On top of that we throw blisters, swollen ankles, muscle knots, and the week after marathon travel is usually not my favorite. With that said, I'm feeling much better today, probably because I ran last night. My toes were quite unhappy that I put on socks and even more displeased when I put on my running shoes, but except for that our short little run (only 2.6 miles) went very well. In fact the knot in my calf was smaller afterward. We ran along the trail just in case I had to turn around immediately but there weren't any horrible problems. Maybe the 10 miler tomorrow won't kick my butt!

I almost started a new project last night, my mom's hat that I bought the yarn for in Erie. But it ended up like the picture at the left. I'm using the Noro Hat pattern but the yarn is different so I had to figure out which size needle to use and how many stitches to cast on. I finally decided that size 7-8 would be right, and it should be the same stitches per inch as the pattern so I cast on 95, joined and started knitting the next row. I was using my KnitPicks fixed circulars in the size I had decided was 7. It didn't even draw my attention that they were pretty big for 7s. So I'm knitting away on the third row and finally realized how loose the knitting looked. Hmmm, what's up with that?? Yeah, I was using 11s. I have no clue why I grabbed those except maybe I was looking at the size in mm. So I ended up ripping back the entire thing. Frogging mohair is a pain in the neck so I never did cast back on. Net knitting last night: zero. Darn. I'll restart tonight so that I have an easy, mindless project for Sunday's Stitch n Pitch at the Oakland A's.

Have a great weekend! I hope you're more productive than I was with my knitting last night!

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