Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I love naps

What a difference a nap makes. After work yesterday I slept for about 25 minutes -- yeah, sometimes that's all it takes -- and presto chango my headache was finally gone. I was so sound asleep that when my alarm went off I didn't know where I was, what day it was, what I had to do when I got up. My immediate reaction was that it was Friday and I had to get my stuff ready for an early morning run so I was pretty happy to know that it was only Tuesday.I finished my mom's Noro hat over the weekend. This is the one where I used the pattern but not Noro yarn. Instead I used the yarn I bought in Erie, the Feza Cyprus Mohair (85% acrylic and 15% Mohair, in the black/gray shades), and a little of the bright red Katia Ingenua (a Spanish 78% mohair, 13% nylon, and 9% wool). Both are very soft and fuzzy. The Feza wasn't quite as self-striping as I'd hoped but the hat still came out nicely. I like this pattern, nice and mindless zen knitting. I only have to start thinking when it comes to the decreases since I don't like the pointy top in the pattern.

Since I hadn't knit anything lately with Malabrigo, which we all know is my favorite yarn, I started another hat. Yeah, some day I'll actually have to wear them since I love to knit them. This time I'm using the pattern from the ladies sitting in front of us at the A's Stitch n Pitch game. It's the Point Lobos Hat from and is similar to the Noro hat, except the purl ridges have an open pattern that makes the hat lighter and more feminine looking. And the top doesn't come to a point. I think this one's going to be a tight skullcap so next time (and I like it enough for a next time) I'll use size 8 needles instead. I may keep one on the needles at all times for traveling since it's a nice, compact project that doesn't take too much brain work. Which we know I'm low on when I'm traveling.

I must finally be recovered from Erie because I'm starting to look forward to Portland. I have high hopes for this race so the weather had better cooperate. I'm certainly not looking for a PR but I'd like to have fun. No rain, y'hear!!

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