Monday, September 17, 2007

Stitch n Pitch n Fisticuffs

Yesterday was the long-awaited Oakland A's venture into the Stitch n' Pitch arena. The last-minute decision by the team to get more bottoms in the seats got our group of knitting runners (and running knitters) into the Oakland Coliseum (I forget which sponsor has naming rights) to watch the season losing A's play the season losing Rangers. We were just hoping for a warm sunny afternoon of baseball, knitting, beer and friends.

And swag, of course. We had hoped there would be a bag full of goodies like the one from the two Giants SnP's that we'd been to. There was a bag, a strange little caddy-type thing with pockets and the logo, but it was empty. It was too late for the team to get any other sponsors so that was it for the additional $5 that our tickets cost. Our seats were awful. In a half-empty stadium the knitters were stuck waaaaaaaay up at the top, in a corner. We were actually under the deepest part of the overhang and in the shade the entire time. It was cool and dark at the beginning of the game and cold and dark later. Not the greatest conditions for knitting.

We arrived early. Very very early, since in addition to SnP Day it was also free A's Cowboy Hat day, for the first 10,000 people. We were determined to be among those first 10,000 so we got there when the gates opened. For a cheap giveaway the hats were pretty cool. They would have been great in the sun.

Anyone who showed up after the game began missed the a pretty exciting start. After getting drilled in the ribs with yet another pitch, an A's player charged the mound. Both teams quickly piled on the field for a big ol' fight. Once that cleared up there were runs, more runs, a grand slam (wrong team, dammit!), a close game, more runs, and -- yeah, the A's ending up losing. Bummer.

We had a great time way up there in the sky, knitting, gabbing, drinking beer, eating inappropriate food, talking with others in our section. I didn't get too much knitting done because it was actually too dark for me to see comfortably, but I managed a few sections of the Cider Moon chevron scarf. There were some fabulous projects being worked on; a lovely lace shawl, a great scarf, an iPod holder, another Temescal Bag, a small Clapotis, and no, I'm not in the mood to link all those to their patterns. Sorry. We stuck around to the bitter end, followed the crowd to BART and headed off on our separate ways.

I did run Saturday, longer than perhaps I should have. Bree was running her 20 miler for Portland and Sandy and I said we'd run 10 miles with her. Ow. My legs felt mostly fine but my one toe on my left foot is just very unhappy these days. Even just a closed shoe bothers it so I knew running wouldn't feel too good. We ran at Alameda, leaving from the Ferry Terminal and running across the bridge and out along the water. It was fabulous running weather; overcast, breezy, not too hot or cold. The water birds were wonderful to watch and there was a flock of pelicans skimming their breakfast from the bay - not the usual thing one sees when running.

I'm glad I put in the miles and I'm also glad Bree didn't take us up on our offer to run her final 3 miles with her. I was tired as anything afterward and I still had all my errands I had to run. I got home, showered, ate and went and did everything I needed to do. Then I went back home and collapsed.

By the way, when a Clif Bar says it expired in 2005, don't try to eat it just because you're starving and it's the only food in the car. Yeah, they get really awful when it's two years past the expiration date. Ugh.

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