Thursday, October 23, 2008


I woke up this morning with a bad case of feellikecrapitis (undertheweatheritis?). Actually, I came down with it after work yesterday. If I didn't know better and hadn't checked it out, I'd blame it on the flu shot I got a couple of nights ago. I'm feeling a light version of all the classic flu symptoms but you just don't get that from immunizations, or so the articles I read reported. Whatevs, when my alarm went off nice and early today so that I could get up and run I reset it for my normal time. When it went off again I turned it off.

I made it up early yesterday and actually ran on my treadmill, yay for me. Since I went out to dinner with my running buds on Monday and got the flu shot on Tuesday, I needed to do something. My legs were still feeling a bit stiff and sore from the race, but nothing unusual. After my run, only 3 miles, I felt great and at the same time worn out. I'm just not that into exercise or activity before work.

Although I had every intention of swimming last night with Phil, up to and including making up a workout, I never made it off my sofa (I'm sorry Phil! Next week!). Well, that's not entirely true. I made it as far as my yarn stash and my pattern books. I'm feeling the need for some instant knitting gratification and decided to knit a hat, or mitts, or leggings, or something faster than the enormous wraps and shawls I've been involved with. I'd forgotten how much I love my yarn - heh - the wonderful colors and fibers and smells and feels! I wish I knit faster so I could start a new project every week.

Excuse me. I need to go back to the sofa and knit now.

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  1. :-( Poor you! I'm just back up on my feet after a bout of same. Hope it's quick for you, and enjoy the knitting in the mean time.