Friday, October 17, 2008

End of an era

As if mornings aren't bad enough, after mid-December they'll become infinitely worse. In a stunning (to me, anyway) announcement KFOG's Dave Morey said he's moving on, retiring from the radio biz and moving back to Michigan. Michigan? Really!?! Nooooo!!

I've been listening to Dave for more years than either of us would care to admit. The best part of being stuck in my car for the morning commute has been listening to him. His knowledge and love of music is unparalleled; his professionalism is unique; his humor infectious. He's technically part of the morning group but he's been the heart and leader in the A.M.

Although I've never met him, I'll miss him. Good luck Dave!


  1. Holy COW. I hadn't heard. I've been listening to Dave since the '80s, with Scoop Nisker on KFOG, too. That is bad news.