Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Beyond PT

Monday was my final physical therapy appointment for my back. Not because my back is completely better, but because my insurance company is tired of paying for therapy. Since the clinic bills $300 for an hour appointment I won't be paying for it myself. I feel like I've been in therapy all year and -- oh wait, I actually have been in therapy almost all year. I started in February and spent a few months trying to rehab my knee. By June I ran out of appointments but in late July I returned to try to fix my back.

My knee is apparently healed. If I were superstitious I'd knock on wood and throw salt over my shoulder and take back those words, but I really think it's better. My back is still hurting me, but not all the time and not even close to as badly as it did a few months ago. But I'm afraid to do lots of things and I move gingerly and I'm completely paranoid of further damage.

To celebrate the end of PT I was going to run on Monday night. Olivia wasn't able to meet me so I decided I'd go home and run on the treadmill. Bad decision, I ended up doing only my therapy exercises (which I'll continue until my back is perfect). I decided to run after work yesterday with exactly the same results. I'm not sure if I'm just burned out from the hard training this summer, or if I'm being lazy. I think it's a combination of those along with earlier darkness and a good book and enjoyable knitting.

Tonight I'll swim with Phil, but that will probably be the only exercise I get during this week unless I get up early tomorrow morning. I don't know why I even said that, it's completely unlikely that I'll get out of bed early enough to exercise or run. I really have to find someone my speed to run with after work a couple of days a week or I think I'll be in trouble.

I've almost finished my knitting project; I just need to bind off and weave in all the ends. Since there are about 50 ends to weave, and it's my least favorite part of knitting, it may take me a while. I have to decide whether to block it, as the pattern says to block before weaving. I'll have to take a good look at it tonight, while it's still light enough out to see it in natural light. I'm anxious to actually complete something, it feels like months since I've made anything.

I can't use weaving in ends as an excuse to not run!

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