Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Where has all my spare time gone?

When I started blogging I seemed to have several more free hours in the day than I have now. Somehow I managed to fit in the time to talk to myself for many paragraphs at a time and to even toss in a picture or two. Now I'm too busy at work, too busy at home and oh wait, that's all the time there is.

But to catch up, last week after returning from Huntsville I mostly worked hard during the day and went home and fell asleep on the sofa. One night I had the ladies over for stitch n bitch and went the pizza route (which also provided my dinner for the next several nights). At least I cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed before they arrived. I did some straightening around the house, read a lot, watched some television, and didn't exercise at all until the weekend.

On Saturday I ran 5.5 miles with my usual group on a changed-on-the-hoof route through the streets of Danville. It was cold and I was miserable and actually almost got lost on the same route we run all the time. It warmed up just a titch before we finished, just in time to all head over and eat a filling breakfast at the Rising Loafer. After stuffing ourselves we dropped by Forward Motion and the Farmers' Market before all heading our separate ways.

Saturday night I helped Olivia celebrate her birthday. She threw a dinner party at her house and it was a blast. The food, company and especially the birthday girl were great. Thank you Olivia and a very happy birthday to you!

I tried on Sunday to be productive but mostly, not. Again I got lots of reading, sleeping, eating and knitting done but I ignored the tasks waiting for me. There's always tomorrow!

I ran again last night with Pam. It was our last run of the year -- boo hoo hoo -- since she's off to visit her family. While she's gone I'll be running on my treadmill and ... yeah, probably not. Let's just say I'll be attempting to run while she's gone and leave it at that.

Have you noticed in the little "Upcoming Events" column that I don't have a race planned? That's right, no races have been set in stone. In fact we haven't even made tentative plans beyond "hey let's run Kaiser" and "I'd like to run Vermont" and "Mount Desert Island in the fall" and "oh sure Claudia I'll do the Pacific Grove Triathlon with you this year." Wait, what? I agreed to WHAT? Do a tri?? Claudia kept pouring wine in my glass on Saturday night and then took advantage of me. Heh. Well, I've always said I have at least one tri in me so I guess this is my chance to prove it. Now I just have to figure out what marathons I'm running next year and fit my tri training around that. Swim?? Bike?? Oh crap.

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