Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year! and a bear

WARNING!! Contents may be too unbearably cute; diabetics beware of the sugary sweetness.

My little blue bear arrived safely at the office on Friday. Since I've been so busy I enlisted his help.
No. You can't just sit there and watch! Get to work!

"this one is too big. I need a smaller chair please."

"Hey look! It's me!"

"i before e except after c? this alphabetical filing is hard!"

"poof! another sheet pops out!"

"if you get me better shoes I'll run your next marathon with you"

"this work is hard; I'm taking a break to smell the flowers"

"I wonder if she'll notice if I go out for coffee"

After a long day I brought Jack Frost home to meet the (fuzzy) family. He's very happy in his new home with his cold brother and pretty sister. And the bazillion other bears.

Thank you to the kind folks at my favorite bear company for helping to ease my winter blues! Yes, I know it sounds like a commercial or dumb ad, but I happen to love their bears. No, I don't get a volume discount (although hello, that's a good idea!). If you're tired, or sad, or sick, or injured, or happy, or celebrating, or bored, go to their website and look around. It'll make your day a little bit better.

I hope you all have a safe, fun New Year's Eve and a healthy, happy, prosperous and fuzzy New Year. Cheers to 2008! (::clink!::)

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  1. Looks like the new bear on the block had a busy day at work!!