Wednesday, December 5, 2007

They're havin a heat wave

My biggest concern for the race this weekend was the possibility, or probability, of cold weather. Because of my asthma (and because I'm a wuss) I find it incredibly hard to run in sub-freezing temps. I'm been fretting for the past couple of months since we decided to run this thing. I didn't start watching their local weather until last week and it didn't look good. Until now.

Last night I set out many choices of clothing to take with me: shorts, capris, long pants, short sleeved shirt, long sleeved shirt, accessories, jacket. Tonight I'm going to have to put a sleeveless top in the pile too. As of this morning the forecast is for a low of no colder than low 50's with a high approaching 70. And medium to high humidity. Wow. Not in the least what I'm mentally prepared for. Very strange but I'm not complaining.

Once I finished the last Temescal Bag I needed a project for traveling. Since it's cooled off here I'm looking for scarves to wear every day. I've been knitting a simple double cable scarf with a wool/soy yarn but I think I'll probably finish it in the middle of the trip. I couldn't take the chance of not having a project on the plane so I went through the stash and decided that my next project will be another scarf, using the silk/cashmere yarn that I got in New York at School Products. I'm going to make a very simple ribbed scarf out of it, doubling the yarn. I think it'll turn out very nice.

I won't be posting again until after the race; see you then!


  1. GOOD LUCK AMY!!!! I'll be sending you good running vibes this Saturday!

  2. Good luck Amy! Have a fun race!