Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I think I've had enough of swimming, enough of smelling like chlorine, enough of people trying to barge into an already crowded swim lane, enough of rude girls and women in the locker room. Last night we were scheduled to swim 3200 yards. That is, Claudia and I were scheduled to swim that much. Phil is officially tapering and only had to swim 1200 yards and a warm-up.

All season we've been following the Olympic Level 3/Half training schedule. I'm not sure why, probably Claudia and I felt we needed as much swimming as possible since it was our weakest sport. Last night I decided hell, I'm going for the level 2 swim. That meant I'd still have to swim 2800 yards while Claudia swam the entire 3200 but I figured we'd finish the same time. I was right.

The swim was drills, builds and a couple of longer sets of level 6 intensity. I actually swam those at a level 6 which to me was something harder than race pace. It was tiring and a good workout and I was thrilled beyond words when I finally finished. And wrinkled and smelly.

Two more swims for us and that's it. Although I'll probably continue swimming on an irregular basis, I'll be happy not to have to spend more than an hour there at any one time. And I won't have to swim when I feel like only my willpower is keeping me afloat.

I'm getting nervous about the tri. No wait, I'm continuing to be nervous about the tri. I vaguely remember being nervous before my first marathon but not as much as this. Ten days, then I'll be an official triathlete.

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