Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Update on recovery

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled race weekend report which is taking forever to write and taking you forever to read.

My recovery is going well. I'm amazed at how much better my body feels after the tri, compared to how it feels after a marathon. There's two reasons for that (the feeling better part, not the amazement): (1) I was only out there less than 4 hours instead of my normal almost 6 hour marathon, and (2) I was on my feet running for 20 miles less than a marathon. I understand why people prefer to race a tri. Not my cup of tea, but if I was only looking at the aftermath then I might consider switching sports.

The only discomfort I still have is in my back. It's no worse than it was before the race but it's also no better. My therapist has just added back in the exercises that hurt in the short term but will hopefully correct the problem in the long term. Meanwhile it will be ouchy and my twice daily home therapy will take forever, but since I'm not training long tri hours it doesn't matter.

I'm tired. My sleep patterns are still crap. I had hoped that when I stopped the late workouts that I could sleep better but no. My stomach is still bothering me so apparently the stress of training for and anticipating the tri was not the (sole) cause. Bummer, I had hoped that would go away too.

Finishing my tri was not the magic bullet I had hoped for. Maybe I'm just impatient and and full health will come by, oh, the weekend. That would be nice!

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