Thursday, September 4, 2008

I knit?

Not so much these days. I think the closest I've come to knitting lately was this morning when I smashed into the counter where I have my yarn stacked, knocking over the swift which then knocked 8 balls of yarn on the floor. I had to resort them and hope that I have them in the correct order. I have one project spread out on that counter and on top of my stereo (remember those? it's a nice piece of furniture now), another project on my chair, another on the counter in a bag. I look at them frequently.

When I get home from training after 8 pm (or later) (much later) I still have to shower, eat, do my back therapy exercises. By then it's usually close to 10:00 and I just want to read a while to make myself sleepy. I think rather than counting down the days to my tri I'll count down the days until I have energy to knit again. I'm determined to finish a project, any project, this month.

I also want to go through my yarn bins and play with my yarn. Look through all my patterns and pattern books. Plan for fabulous projects. Have my friends over for a Stitch n Bitch. Eat and drink and look at what everyone else is knitting. Put the "Knits" back in "Runner Girl Knits."

Hopefully by the time the tri is finished it will cool down. It's much easier to want to knit when it isn't 100 degrees out like it's supposed to be again today!

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