Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Under the weather

My brain is telling me to quick quick quick train for and run a marathon. My body is telling me to stay in bed all day. Yesterday I listened to my body because it was loudest. A sinus headache that rapidly turned into a tension headache kept me prone most of the day. Not as if I don't have a bazillion things I could do at home if I was feeling well, but none of them got done.

I managed to knit last night, the first time I really felt like knitting in a long time. I quickly remembered the pattern and zoomed along. For about an hour, all that my head could manage. I enjoyed having needles back in my hands, enjoyed the feel of the yarn sliding along, enjoyed the look of the developing project.

On the quick quick quick front I've tentatively decided which marathon I'll run this year, assuming that my body cooperates. I don't think I'll be ready until at least late November, which eliminates quite a few races. It came down to either California International Marathon or Dallas White Rock Marathon, neither of which I've run. I'd like to get at least one missing state under my belt this year so by default I'm aiming for Dallas. I'm going to hold off registering for now, waiting to see how my longer runs go, and then hope I'm still able to get into one of those races. I've booked a hotel in Texas and I'm mentally ready, I just have to get my body to agree.

So much for a rest after all that tri training!

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