Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rip it

I was zooming along with my latest project, happy to be knitting again, thrilled that I was almost done. Then I took a good look at the project. A really good look. The project uses these yarns in this order:Each color is used once. Not twice. The pattern doesn't call for a color to be repeated. I knew that. But the yarn cakes got dropped , fell on the floor, were mixed up and the fourth color from the left got used twice; once where it should have been used and again after the fifth color. Instead of continuing to knit I got to tear it out. Yes indeed, instead of Runner Girl Knits, it was Runner Girl Frogs.

I ripped it back - no kidding - 56 rows. Ow. Four sets of a 14 row repeat. Everything I knit last week and then some. Normally if I'm fixing a mistake I'll unknit it but there was no choice this time. I spent an entire evening untangling and rewinding the yarn. I had been knitting with 4 strands of lace weight and each strand had to be rewound, a lightweight nightmare. Then I put the project semi-back on a smaller set of needles, unknit 2 more rows until I was sure I had the right stitches and reknit a row back onto the original needles.

Frustrating. And now I still have 1 color left to go!

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