Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tick tick tick tick

I'm not nervous at all about the tri. I'm not nervous at all about the tri. I'm not nervous -- oh hell, yes I am! I go from being quite calm and easy and lah di dah to feeling the hot acid dripping through my stomach lining. I'll even go for, oh, a half hour at a time without thinking about it. Then I'll do something like read Phil's race report or look at one of the youtube videos of Pac Grove that Claudia has been sending me and I'll freak.

I well know from packing for all my marathon travels that it won't do me one bit of good to pack before Thursday night; I'll just unpack everything to confirm that I have it. But I've filled up my dining room table with "don't forget" items and made lists on paper and in my head.

One last swim tonight, one last run tomorrow, then it's off to the races. I wish I could take the next few days off work, stay home and obsess, but that isn't possible. I'd like to spend the next few days sleeping until 7 am but that's impossible too.

I know -- I'll just think happy thoughts. Rainbows. Roses. Teddy bears. Sleep. Candy! (lovelier thoughts Michael!) (who knows that reference?) Happiest thought: FINISH LINE!

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  1. You are ready! You're gonna do awesome. It's gonna be fun fun fun. Can't wait to cheer you on!