Saturday, February 9, 2008

Oh the Horror!

It's all Claudia's fault. First she makes me drink too much wine and talks me into doing my first ever triathlon this year. Then she makes me realize that this involves swimming. Then she tells me I'll actually have to get in the water to swim, which involves wearing a swimsuit. Nooooooooo!

Since I'm not running these days I decided to join Ms. Claudia this afternoon for a pedicure. After all, might as well have pretty toes while I can. We sat and while we were being pampered we chatted about swimming. The last time I swam was in Maui in 2004 for the marathon. I was in good shape since it was just a couple of months after I ran Big Sur, a race for which I trained harder than for any before or since. The last time I swam regularly was in 1985. No, I'm serious. 1985. Some of you were in preschool then. So it's no wonder I forgot some of the details of swimming.

Goggles. Swim cap. Swimsuits. Nooooooo! Claudia tells me I can't swim in a moo moo. So all that meant a trip to the Shop of Horrors, otherwise known as the swim shop. I remember having a great pair of goggles (20+ years ago!!!) but of course they're much more high tech than they were then. In fact, they weren't any tech back then, they just sucked onto your face. I didn't wear a cap then because I didn't need to and they're so uncomfortable. Caps are now necessary. And the cute bathing suit that hides flaws isn't right for swimming.

We started with the goggles, moved over to the cap section, then faced the suits. Depressed the heck out of ourselves and then went next door to Genova and got sandwiches. Then I came home and beat my head against the wall.

I [don't heart] swimsuits.

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