Friday, February 8, 2008

At least it's Friday!

Last night was my big experiment using the patella strap while running on the treadmill. The first few steps hurt, but I figured that was because nothing ever feels good for the first mile. So I ran the whole stinking mile. And it hurt the whole time. Unfortunately it not only hurt at the knee cap but also hurt in the back of my knee. I ripped the strap off and started to run a second mile and ... stopped. What the hell was I thinking? I just wanted to run, and run, and continue going. But my knee ached and it was stupid even believing I could run any more. So I moved over to the exercycle. Big whoop. I managed another 20 minutes before my brain starting oozing out of my eyeballs, then quit.

I have my first 4 physical therapy appointments set up. I'm hoping for a combination of good, healthy medicine and a miracle here since I think that's what it'll take to get me running again. I've never done PT before so I'm not sure what to expect, but I have a feeling it'll hurt more before it starts getting better. Bring on the frozen corn!

I told you about that easy stole pattern I started knitting. It's even easier than I thought. Somehow my brain was totally fogged when I began because of course you don't increase every other stitch across a row. That just gives you a big long ruffle. I know that, I've knit that before (and gave away the scarf since it was 220 and itched my neck to pieces). But I continued on along my merry way until I had the gazillion stitches along the row and a thick ruffle. Finally I realized it had to be wrong, read the pattern yet one more time and realized that the increases were only on the first and last stitches. Sheesh. Frog pond for me! Mohair boucle isn't the best yarn to rip but it went easier than I'd thought it would. Then I started over. It looks pretty nice now! I'm not sure about it topping a black dress though, the yarn is sheddy.

I'm looking forward to the weekend!

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