Monday, February 18, 2008

Giving up, for now

I tried, I really did. I tried to wrap my mind, my eyes and my fingers around the lovely yarn and fascinating pattern that is the Secret of the Stole II. A row forward here, a row ripped there, and I ended up more frustrated and anxious. Knitting is my hobby. I don't need to be driven nuts by my hobby, I have family for that. So I'm putting it aside. When the knit-a-long is over I'll probably buy the pattern since from the examples I've looked at so far it's going to be beautiful. I have that huge hunka yarn that I want to knit someday. Just not now. I need easy, boring repetition now. Something that soothes and eases my mind and fingers. So long SOTSii, see ya again in a few months. Or years.

In its place I've been knitting the one row wonder that is the small shawl. I'm using Art Yarns beaded silk yarn which is a joy to knit with and beautiful to see. I'm not going to have enough so I'll have to buy something at Stitches which will either match or complement the project.

I totally frogged my Opera Scarf. Ripped out the entire thing. And in doing so somehow managed to strip the end off of one of my KnitPicks options cords. Shoot, I like that cord and it's too much effort to call and ask them to replace it. I'll have to wait until I need $50 worth of stuff from there and buy another one. I decided that although I love the pattern and I love the yarn (I'm using Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in a gorgeous red) it needs to be open more. When I finish the small shawl I'll start over using larger needles. And the pattern has even changed since I started way back when. Now it's an easier one row repeat. Easy knitting for my busy mind.

I looked through my stash and decided that I can't buy anything at Stitches. Heh, yeah, right. But I'm planning on being much more discriminating this year. I have to be, I just don't have room for yarn piling up all over the place. I'm still waiting to get to some of the projects with last year's yarn. And from the year before. I'm looking forward to browsing but I just can't get into my normal buying frenzy.

I took a walk on Saturday; a whole two miles. Uh, yippee? I remembered at the last minute that since I was taking a slow walk I'd better dress warmer than I would for running. Good thing, it was in the upper 30's when we started. Bree and I strolled along with her puppy Nitro. He had a great time checking out the trail. We enjoyed it too!

The PT is coming along well. My knee hasn't had the shooting pains for a while (I haven't tried running either, so that could be why). I'm trying not to be impatient but I miss running terribly. I miss my running buds too. I'm starting to swim this week which will be another great adventure.

It's gray and cloudy out this morning, a perfect time to come to the office when nobody else is here. No traffic, no lines for coffee this morning. Holidays are great, aren't they!

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  1. I totally agree that knitting should be enjoyable, not nerve wracking! I hope you pick the Secret of the Stole back up in a few months and can enjoy knitting every row. Happy Knitting {{{vibes}}} being sent your way...