Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A little off the top

Here I am, trying to lose weight, trying to make less of myself, wanting to be smaller. Little did I realize that it's automatic as you get older, though not quite what you'd wish. I'm shrinking. I'm no longer 5'7" tall, as I've been since I was about 13 or 14 years old. I shrank and I'm only 5'6-3/4" tall now. Darn. At this rate I'll be Anita's height soon.

I'm supposed to swim tonight and I'm hoping the weather cooperates. Our pretty spring has reverted back to winter. Can't complain (yeah, just watch me!) because the rain is helping keep the spring flowers fresh and the hills green. We still haven't made up for the past couple of dry years. I like not having to water my lawn. And I actually like rain, as long as I'm not outside running around in it. Or driving in it. Or, well, anything in it.

I'm getting super excited about Stitches, even though I'm trying not to spend too much money (HAH!). I finished the yarn I have for my beaded silk small stole and it's too small. Hopefully there will be something at Stitches I can buy to complete it with. Otherwise I'll have to order something online and that just seems silly, with all the yarn that'll be local.

I don't know what I'm knitting next. Maybe I'll go home and play with the stash, try to remember why I bought some of it and think of something (easy and mindless) to work on. I'll report back!

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