Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dazzled at Stitches

I said I wasn't going to get into a buying frenzy at Stitches West on Friday. I didn't. No really, no frenzy involved. I just happened to buy lots and lots and lots and lots of stuff. Yarn, patterns, yarn, a book, yarn, cases, yarn, bags and more yarn. Oh, not just any plain old yarn. I bought some malabrigo. Lots of malabrigo from several different vendors. Beautiful colors that needed a home with me. Great prices, so how could I resist?I got more of the Art Yarns Beaded Silk to finish the small stole. It matches as much as different dye lots possibly could. A gorgeous pink/gray hunk of superwash merino from Tess' Designer Yarns that's amazingly soft and fluffy. Lovely skeins of kid mohair from Wagtail Yarns in Australia in red and black with scarf patterns to match. A couple of skeins of exceptional yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, their newish bulky Leticia in Pallas Athena. I can only shout to the world how much I love their Raven Clan colorways. I was very thankful that as usual, their booth had been decimated by the hordes before I got there. Otherwise I'd probably have a roomful of ravens. It makes me wish I knit socks!I tried to pass by the Brooks Farm Yarn booth and didn't make it without first buying a couple of skeins of their Solana. I was also trying to avoid browsing through the Webs booth and was similarly unsuccessful. I brought home some Inca Print Alpaca and their own Valley Yarns Lenox, a baby alpaca/merino yarn. I picked up a reversible cable scarf pattern to go with it. I bought a skein of Dream in Color's Classy in Nightwatch and it'll be a hat when I get around to it.

Throw in another beautiful pin from Gita Maria, a circular needle case from Foxyknits, a book of Knitted Lace Shawls patterns - Wrapped in Comfort, a very cool red bamboo knitting bag and oh, did I mention I bought a little bit of Malabrigo?

Luckily Claudia had packed us a lunch because we were there for the whole day. Up one aisle, down another, up the next. Making sure not to miss anything. Ms. Claudia was supposed to be my anchor. Supposed to help me be sensible. Wrongo! She went over her own limit so how could I resist going over mine? Actually, my limit was "you have no room for any more yarn so don't buy anything." And I definitely passed that limit.

I didn't run this weekend and I don't think I'll be running any time soon. Despite faithfully doing my exercises and stretches that take forever to do each day, my knee is still sore. My therapist continues to add more to my daily regimen each appointment and sure, it would be nice to spend the entire day trying to get my knee rehabbed but I have a few other daily tasks. Like work. Like grocery shopping. Like cleaning house. Like walking around Stitches West for 6 hours or so. I miss running. I miss my running friends. I miss my outside time. I miss covering the miles and feeling righteous when I eat. I miss sleeping. Most of all I miss having my left knee feel like it's fine.

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