Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Go vote

If you live in California or any other state that's holding a primary election today, get your ass up and go vote. Go now. No, I don't care for whom you vote (well, I care, but that's not the point here). Go on, get to your polling place and cast a ballot. Unless you're a convicted felon or previously voted in this election by absentee ballot, get out there and exercise your right to have a say in how this country will be run. I'll wait.

Back so soon?

I'm a permanent absentee voter, something we can do here in California. As long as I continue to return a ballot for each election, I never have to track down a poling place, never have to wait in line, never have to listen to the last-minute blitz of campaigning because I've already voted. The convenience is amazing. I can't remember how long I've done this, but I don't think I've been to a poling place for more than 10 years. And yes, I always vote. I think if you're going to bitch and whine about the politicians or the ballot measures, you have to have a voice in whether they're elected or passed.

I went to the knee doc yesterday. I apparently have some fluid on my knee. Strangely enough, I have some on my good knee too. He told me a bunch of things it could be, most of which oozed out of my brain right after he said them. I'm a very bad patient that way. Since there's really no other way to tell what it is and since this is the second time in a few years that I've had the pain I had my very first MRI today. Gosh, that was exciting. ::yawn:: Tomorrow I meet with the doc again to figure out what's wrong, how to fix it and when I can get back to running. Or not.

Instead of working on the complicated SOTSii I started a new project. I really want to knit that lovely stole, especially when I've seen some of the pictures from people who are keeping up with the clues, but I don't have the focus right now. Neither visual or mental. I can't seem to follow either the chart or written directions and have just ended up more frustrated. So I'm putting it aside for a week or so, then I'll get back to it.

I was going to knit another hat for my mom, or finish a hat I had started out of the leftover yarn I used for the hat I made for my sis, or knit another scarf, but I wanted something different. Something bright. Something fancy. So I'm doing an easy shawl pattern out of lovely bright red boucle yarn. I don't feel like looking up any of the pattern or yarn links right now but I will soon. It's one of those patterns where you increase every other stitch in every row so after a few rows you have a gazillion stitches. Very easy to remember but it takes forever to finish one row. I think it'll be pretty when finished, the perfect topper for a little black dress.

Now I just have to be able to get into a little black dress. Curse you Fat Tuesday! What? Yeah yeah, I curse Fat Wednesday, Fat Thursday, Fat Friday and Fat Monday too.

Thank you for voting!

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