Friday, June 1, 2007

What did I forget?

After all this time I pretty much have packing for my marathon weekends down to a fine art. Nevertheless, I normally forget one key thing. I have a list that keeps growing as I forget, or almost forget, essentials. I think I have everything this time. Probably. Hopefully. It's easier if I'm staying within walking distance of the expo (if there is one) and a large Long's-type store, or if I have a car. None of those will apply this weekend. I'll be staying with my mom tonight but I won't unpack my running gear until after I'm dropped off at the hotel late tomorrow afternoon. Then it'll be too late to get whatever I need.

I don't forget shoes, or shorts, or my sports bra; those are no-brainers. I eat oatmeal in the morning before a race (before all of my runs, in fact) and I've always remembered to pack it. I just keep forgetting to pack a spoon. Ever had oatmeal, made with hot tap water, thinned down enough to slurp it from a plastic cup? Ick. "Spoon" is on the list. And I think of The Tick every time I see it. A couple of times I've almost left my papers -- flight or race confirmations, name of the hotel or car rental company -- on the kitchen counter. That's on the list. Inhaler? Gasp/wheeze. On the list. Dead phone when I'm at the airport without my luggage and nobody's at the counter and I couldn't charge the phone because of no charger? Check. Throw-away gloves and disposable poncho for the start? I only remember those when it's cold out at home, so they're on the list. How many times have I gone to a race, thinking it'll be warm, and end up buying long pants at the expo? Not on the list and I'm not telling!

We had our TnT Send-off Party Wednesday night. There was a good turnout, most of the people who said they'd come actually showed up. Like the Avenue Send-off this was a potluck only this time there was a bigger assortment of home-made food. And a much larger assortment of desserts. The fabulous Jeanette baked the best brownies in the world. She also made a fresh cherry pie/cake for us weight watcher's girls and it was fabulous! That didn't stop us from trying the brownies though. They were just too good.

Mama Lisa gave her talk, only this time I kinda skipped out on it. Jeanette and I had some things to discuss so we took care of business during the talk. We came back in for the rest of the talks though, we're not that bad. All in all it was a fun evening, again seeing everyone about to run their first marathon or half marathon ever. I understand their feelings; I still get excited/apprehensive before every single marathon.

I haven't run again since Monday, I just haven't had the time. It'll be interesting to see how my legs feel on Sunday. I haven't knit much either, unless you count endless rows of the neverending superlong wrap. I'm thinking that HAS to be finished soon.

Since I'm needing a new knitting project (ok, I don't really NEED a new one, I just WANT a new one) I registered for a class. I'm going to take Petra's Temescal Bag class at Article Pract. I've never taken a class from Petra but she's the one who taught me to knit, so I know how patient and clear her instructions are. And I've wanted to knit another felted bag so I'm excited about this. Anyone else want to join me?

Wish me luck, I'll report results on Tuesday!

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  1. GOOD LUCK AMY!!! I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!