Friday, June 29, 2007

Another night off

Oh darn, I didn't run last night. I think I'll blame it on Olivia. Hey, why take personal responsibility if you don't have to, right? We were scheduled to run at 5:30 pm but she wasn't feeling well and canceled. Did I go ahead without her? Did I put on my running gear and hit the trail on my way home? Did I use my treadmill? Did I cross-train? That would all be a big nope. I was really tired. My whiny tired brain voted against my healthy active brain and my sofa broke the tie by sucking me down. After last week when I ran 4 days after work, this week is pretty pitiful. I'll do better next week. No, really I will.

The Temescal Bag is definitely done, except for the straps that I'll learn at tomorrow's class. The colors in the picture don't really show up right, they're more accurate in the balls on the left. I do like how they came out and can't wait to see it felted.

Since that was finished and I had all that time when I should have been running I knit more of my multidirectional diagonal scarf. I know I was going to finish it with the skein I'm on, but I may just go into another skein and knit a couple more triangles. If it's just around my neck it's long enough but I'd like it a bit longer if I'm going to wrap it.

For all I was totally exhausted I managed to not sleep again (still) (some more) last night. I went to bed about 11 pm, feeling I was tired enough to sleep. I was very wrong. About midnight I got up and read for an hour, then went back to bed. I'm hoping that Sunday I'll be able to catch up a bit since tomorrow I'll be getting up early to run 10-12 miles.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Go ahead, blame away! My couch sucked me in last night too! I think we all had a slacker week but we WILL do better next week!