Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Visit with the Peanut

Sunday I got to spend some time with Ellen and Matthew. Ellen is my original running partner; we met in 2001 during our first season with Team in Training, training for our very first marathon. Neither of us was much of a runner when we started. From our very first 5 miler through to the finish line at the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon we ran side by side. We had the same pace, same stride, and ran with matching steps. We ran together at our buddy runs on Tuesday nights, at track on Thursdays and at our runs on Saturday. Needless to say we became very good friends! Hour after hour we ran and talked, about everything under the sun.

After we finished the race we decided to return to TnT for a second season, as mentors. We ran together until I was diagnosed with a stress fracture, then I was relegated to the cheering section. While I was recovering Ellen gained speed, so by the time I returned for our third season she was too fast for me. Also, she had moved to Alameda so we weren't in the same close area anymore. Then, to add insult, she joined the tri team. Hmpph! While I continued to run run run, she learned how to swim and completed the Treasure Island triathlon.

In the middle of all this, Ellen's life took a bit of a change when she got married. Then, as often happens, she got pregnant and had Matthew. [Ok, I'm skipping some time here, just go with it!] Even though her family moved back to San Ramon I saw very little of her, because our schedules just didn't match up too well. Visits became few and far between. Finally on Sunday we managed to visit.

I went over to their lovely (big) house where we chatted and talked and watched Matthew play with his toys, then eat a snack. Yummy, grapes. Look mommy, sticky hands! After cleaning up we decided to go to the park and let him run around. Saturday had been so nice and cool, we didn't realize that the cool-off had lasted only that one day.

By the time we got to the park the sun was blazing down and it was quite warm. None of us were prepared for that; we were overdressed and under-sunscreened. Matthew had his hat, we didn't. After running around on the swings, playing on the slides, rocking the horsie, digging in the sand and generally behaving like a normal toddler, Matthew was getting bright red and tired. I think Ellen and I were also getting red and tired. We didn't stay at the park as long as we had thought we would, it wasn't a day to be out in the hot sun for too long.

We've pledged that our visits will be more frequent. We're not going to wait until her kids are in college to get together again. Yes, kids, plural. Matthew's little brother is due in the fall. Although you really can't tell from looking at Ellen; she looks healthy, fit and slim still. After the baby comes I'm sure I'll see more of her, she'll need some females around to balance out all the males in her life. Heh heh.

Last night's run with Pam seemed harder than it should have. It was in the mid-90's when we started, high-80's when we finished. For some reason my legs wanted to go very very fast, but my lungs weren't cooperating too well. Even Pam felt like we were pushing the speed. We did the full short short run, all 3.2 miles of it, and were tired and worn out when we finished. Boo hoo, she's going out of town and I'll have a full week of trying to find someone else to run with. No sitting around just because she's gone!

Right now I'm in the initial planning stages for my next marathon. I know, I'm doing New York in the fall, but we're planning on at least one race before that as a tune-up. I'll let you know when we figure out where we're going!

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