Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Double workout day, a first

Yesterday evening I had plans to get together with an old friend, have dinner, drinks, talk all night. I decided that I really didn't want, on only my second week of intensive NY training, to skip a planned workout day. So I set my alarm for earlier than normal, planning to get up and do a cross training tape. In the back I my mind I expected that I'd turn the alarm off and go back to sleep, blowing off the workout.

I didn't. I wasn't fully asleep when the alarm sounded and figured I might as well be productive instead of tossing for another half hour or so. I got up and did my whole workout tape, the same one that caused my legs to ache last week. By the time I was finished, showered and dressed I was more than ready for my latte. And a nap, which wasn't too likely.

At lunch time I went over to Whole Foods to get something for dinner since I was "cooking." Yeah, that's how I cook, let someone else do it. I was starving and went just a touch overboard with quantities, since there were only going to be two of us there. But I stuck with healthy food, no dessert, and figured we eat most of it.

In the middle of the afternoon my friend shot me an email asking if I minded rescheduling our dinner. D'oh! No, I didn't mind, but what would I do with all that good food? I had enough for three people and didn't want to waste anything that expensive.

Earlier in the day Olivia had asked me if I wanted to run last night but I told her I had plans. After those plans fell through I emailed her and asked if the offer was still open, with the added incentive of a yummy dinner afterward. Yay, she was still available so we arranged to run in Danville.

It was warm, but not hot. Traffic was a bitch and people were driving like maniacs. I had thought we could do the street route that Pam and I normally run but decided that I didn't want to chance running in the street with all the idiots behind the wheels of massive vehicles. We ran on the trail instead. A little too fast. We made good time, chatting away (and gasping away for me) and were very happy to get our 2.7 mile run finished.

I was surprised that, although I was tired, I didn't feel any after effects of the tape in the morning and the run in the afternoon. Today my legs feel pretty good, but we'll see how they are for running tonight. Since I'm not sleeping these days it would be great if I could double up more workouts.

We went back to my house and had a delicious dinner. We also managed to drink almost a bottle of wine. Each. We were going to knit but except for showing each other our current projects, we didn't get any productive knitting done. We just talked. And talked. And drank talked. All of a sudden we realized that holy crap, it's almost 11pm! Damn, so much for a good night's sleep. Again!

Thank you to all of you who donated to Noah's Man of the Year Campaign which came to an end last weekend. He ended up raising over $62,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a mind-boggling amount. He was the first runner up of the campaign, the winner raising $115,000! Amazing! The 14 candidates together raised $859,000. To put that in perspective, our last Team in Training season the entire East Bay Team raised about $380,000. Good grief, what amazing fund raising by a small group of committed people. I feel truly honored to have been a small part of that. Noah is my hero!


  1. ooohhh, naughty, naughty girls, drinking on a run night.....wish I was there :o) hee, hee

  2. Hi there, I'm leaving a comment, because I couldn't find a link for an email. I wanted to respond to a comment you left about ImagiKnit on January One. I used to work there and still teach and am interested in hearing more of your feedback, specifically what could be done to improve or dispell that "vibe" you can email me at knitsonya at gmail dot com. Thanks!