Friday, June 15, 2007

Last Day for Man of the Year Campaign

Here I go, shamelessly begging for contributions to my nephew Noah's Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Man of the Year Campaign. Today is the last day to contribute, so please please please, even a tiny contribution can a difference, not only in whether he raises enough money to become Man of the Year, but whether the L&L Society can fund another researcher to help find a cure for blood cancer. Word is that the contenders are very close, so let's help put him over the top. I promise, this is the last time I'll ask for money for this fundraising campaign!

The heat wave here in Northern California continues unabated. Well, maybe just a little abated. Today's supposed to be a degree or two lower than yesterday. Last night Pam and I attempted our usual short short run and we managed to find a short cut even for that! We didn't get started until 7:00 pm because traffic was so bad. You'd think it would have cooled down by then, but you'd be wrong. It was still in the upper 90's when we got underway. I was worried that Pam would zip off and leave me puffing away, but I had forgotten that heat, as she said, is her kryptonite. She was even unhappier than I was to be out there trying to run. We managed a half hour, maybe 2-1/2 miles. Better than sitting on the sofa eating bon bons, but not by much. I'm hoping to get accustomed to this heat soon because training must continue!

I didn't feel like knitting again last night; too warm in my house. Tonight I have to finally decide which yarn I'm using for the Temescal bag class I'm taking tomorrow; I need to get it all wound. I'm pretty sure I'll use the Cascade 220 in purples and I'm hoping I can find another complementary shade to go with them. Otherwise I'll use black for the bottom of the bag so I won't have to worry if I set it down somewhere.

See you Monday!

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