Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Can I miss a day?

Oh, of course I can skip a day. I don't need to blog every weekday. It's not like I'd miss it. Not like it hurts. Not like clamoring hordes are waiting for it. Not like I have time for it today!

No, I'm still too new to this, I don't want to get in a habit of skipping a day here, passing a day there. Then it becomes a week, a month, all of a sudden I'm not a blogger anymore and I go back to talking to myself in my head instead of on paper. So hi y'all! Better late than never!

Things are busy here at Great Place to Work, LLC. I'm not taking breaks and I'm busy enough that I don't want to turn my computer on at home afterward. Things will get quiet again, I'm sure. I hope.

I didn't run last night since Pam was out of town. What, you say? That's a piss poor excuse for not running? Ok. I didn't run last night because it was really warm. Hmmm? Another crappy excuse? How's this: I didn't run last night 'cause I didn't wanna. And nobody could make me. I just wanted to collapse on my sofa with a big pot of jelly bellies. I managed to talk sternly to myself and I rode my exercycle instead, so I wasn't a complete blob. I actually felt like I got a good workout and as a bonus I got to watch The 4400. Now I just have to figure out how to not sweat so I can knit at the same time. Multi-task that!

I waited until after my workout to knit and managed to get a few more inches completed on my Temescal Bag. I'm not sure I love how the striping is working so I'll have to do some rethinking of the top of the bag. I'll worry about that tonight. If I have energy after my run!

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  1. thank you for updateing and NO you can't miss a day. I look foward to your blog enteries each day :o)