Friday, May 18, 2007

Look both ways

When I was growing up my mother taught me to look both ways before crossing the street. When I was learning how to drive I was taught to look both ways before driving into or through an intersection, or before turning, or before pulling out into traffic. Obviously, based upon the actions of several drivers (parents) last night, that rule is no longer in force. It seems that now the rule is "look wherever you want then floor it." Thank you very much to the very busy important mom who came this close to flattening us during our run last night. Dads, we appreciate how you pulled out into traffic without a single glance to see if there might be anyone there. Other moms, I hope everyone else drives more carefully around your child(ren) than you did around us.

Pam and I had a great run last night, except when we ran past the elementary school. A large crowd was just leaving the school after some evening function. Parents had anywhere from one to four kids in tow and they were all in a great big hurry to get home for -- well, I have no idea why they were in such a hurry. After mom number one almost took off our legs we detoured onto the sidewalk; that didn't help as car doors were opened and parents blocked sidewalk access. Then we had to cross the street and it got really frightening. Anyway, except for that, and we did speed work to get through it faster, it was a great night for a run. The wind that had been so strong for the past several days was gone, it wasn't too hot (or cold), just a nice night. We ran our short short route and were very pleased when it was finished.

I went back to knitting up my neverending superlong wrap last night, got about another inch done. Snore. Only about eight inches left to go which should only take me -- yeah, until about July. I'll start in on another Stitch 'n' Pitch cap for Monica some time this weekend. I'll have to go through my stash and see whether I'll make it out of Malabrigo, which I probably will, or out of something else. I'm pretty sure my only orange yarn, excepting the crap we got at last year's game, is Malabrigo. I also haven't decided whether to do a plain ribbed cap or maybe something felted.

Today's Gratuitous Bear of the day is yet another Safeway charm bear: Ms. Love.

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